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Intellectual Disabilities

An individual is considered to have an intellectual disability when the person has significant limitations in intellectual functioning and adaptive skill areas as expressed in conceptual, social, and practical adaptive skills. Intellectual disabilities will vary in degree and effect from person to person, just as individual capabilities vary considerably among people who do not have an intellectual disability. People should not make generalizations about the needs of persons with intellectual disabilities. In some instances an intellectual disability will not be obvious from a person's appearance, nor will it be accompanied by a physical disability. (The U.S. EEOC)

REMO Drum Table with Comfort Sound Technology
- Our clients LOVE the REMO Drum's magical!!! It is an instrumental universal design that promotes accessibility and inclusion for everyone regardless of abilities. Our participants with Intellectual and Developmental disabilities and others in the community who either sit in chairs or use wheelchairs alike can gather around the REMO Drum Table and play together. The unique quality of sound makes it accessible even for people with sound sensitivity. 

Helen Dolas, MS, MT-BC, CEO/Founder Arts & Services for Disabled, Inc.

Remo Buffalo Drum
- My students with intellectual and developmental disabilities use the Remo Buffalo Drums as an artistic canvas for self expression- creating their own original art, a symbol that is uniquely theirs displaying their inner voice, and then playing that expression on the drum- now that's empowering!

Helen Dolas, MS, MT-BC, CEO/Founder Arts & Services for Disabled, Inc.

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