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Hearing Impairment or Sensitivity

Remo Buffalo Drum - The cross rope handle on this drum provides vibrational feedback for persons with or without a heaving impairment, which can be very pleasant and soothing.
"I have been using Remo Buffalo drums, Ocean Drum, Shakers and Sound Shapes with Dementia patients, Welderlies, Cancer survivors, Deaf/Blind Children, Kids at Risk and already risked and many more for the past 6 years. I couldn't do my programs with Special Populations without my Remo instruments! "

Lulu Leathley, Rhythmic Facilitator, LuluJam

Remo Ocean Drum – The tactile sensation of holding the drum and the soothing rhythmical sensation caused by the movement of the ocean drum makes it a valuable tool for use with persons with hearing impairment.

Remo Sound Shapes with Comfort Sound Technology  Whether you have hearing sensitivities; are drumming in places where low volume is an imperative; or just prefer a lightweight drum with a warm tonal quality this product may fit the bill. Our testing indicates that as packaged these drums deliver a decibel level which is between 18 - 30% lower than our original Sound Shapes.
When you are working with people who are unable to hear, the Aroma Drum offers a way to provide sensory feedback that facilitates participation and enjoyment. Not only will they feel the vibration from the cross-rope handle that is positioned to maximize the transfer of vibration to the body, but it has what has been called a "revolutionary product feature" in that each time the Aroma Drum is struck with the mallet, a puff of scent from their favorite essential oil puffs from the drumhead toward their face. 


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