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Autism Spectrum

Autism is a complex neurobiological disorder associated with impairments in socialization, verbal and nonverbal communication, restricted play and interests, and repetitive motor movements. The disorder affects each individual differently, and there is a wide range of functioning associated with the disorder. (Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center)

Remo Thunder Tube
- My son has autism. Whenever he looks like he is starting to run out of steam, or needs a little pick-me-up, we pull out his Remo Thunder Tube. An amazing percussionist gave it to my son as a gift, since he fell in love and connected with it the moment he picked it up. Talk about a little percussion toy of joy! It is great.

Shari Krishnan, Parent and Recreational Drummer

REMO Gathering Drum
- This is one of my favorite drums to use with students on the Autism Spectrum. It provides an opportunity to work on social skills in a non-threatening yet intimate setting. Sitting on the floor you can position the drum so that the student gets great sensory feedback by placing it so that their legs are touching the drum.

Barry Bernstein, MT-BC, Founder/Healthy Sounds

My son has autism. His participation in community drum circles has been an amazing way to introduce him to new people and settings. The Remo Gathering Drum, has been a tremendous help. We can comfortably sit up to four people around it and have hours of fun together."

Shari Krishnan, Parent and Recreational Drummer

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