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How to Begin Your Own HealthRHYTHMS Program

9 Steps to Planning your own HealthRHYTHMS® Program

1. Define Purpose–
It all starts with the purpose of the program for the needs of your setting.
Whether you are there to reduce stress, resolve conflict, offer support, improve morale, or just to offer a fun activity…defining your purpose is the place to begin.

2. Acquire Instruments & Equipment -
The HealthRHYTHMS Collections are designed to meet the instrument needs for HealthRHYTHMS sessions. The instruments are selected to align with the steps of the protocol and provide a balance of ambient, percussive rhythm and drum sounds.

3. Storage Space -
Where you will store your instruments is important. We do not recommend that you store them in extreme temperatures. But our products are extremely durable and and are not affected by temporary temperature fluctuations. This will give you an idea of how much space you’ll need. These are estimates based upon the boxed dimensions. If you take them out of the boxes to store them they will require less space.

• HealthRHYTHMS Essentials Collection (DP-0085-00 Boxed) – 3’ x 4’ x 4’ (approximate)

4. Select Location –

Right Size: Large enough for all participants to be seated in a circle
It is important that your HealthRHYTHMS participants be seated in a circle (not an oval). So be sure that your room size will accommodate a circle of chairs for your group size.
Considerate: Plan a location where others won’t be disturbed when you drum. Be mindful of applicable noise ordinances if drumming outdoors. (usually after 10PM)
Accessible: Also be sure your location is accessible for bringing in instruments & equipment. A secluded island location may be beautiful, but could create a hardship if you are hiking two miles with all the equipment.
Comfortable: Participant comfort is critical. Choose locations with temperature control, or advise participants in advance to layer clothing for temperature comfort.

5. Choose Time -
The program lasts 1 to 1 and ½ hours. Recommended scheduling times; for example, an evening program or after-lunch program, or start the day program.

6. Find Trained Facilitator-
Train your staff or consult with a HealthRHYTHMS trained facilitator from our facilitator finder. Having a HealthRHYTHMS trained facilitator is vital to your program success. Find one now.

7. Plan Program Launch -
Create a special launch of the program, inviting key staff and providing copies of the research and clear explanation of health benefits. The HealthRHYTHMS Facilitators Business Kit (FBK), provided free to all HealthRHYTHMS Trained Facilitator’s at the training, is a comprehensive set of marketing tools which will facilitate launch.

8. Advertise –
Flyer and/or permission-based email. (Flyer templates are included in the Facilitator's Business Kit included in our training program).

9. Evaluate –
Plan a method that allows participants to anonymously rate the program on a scale of 1 – 10 and add their own open-ended comments. Understanding the impact of the program on participants will help you target the best applications of the program for your organization.

Tips were provided by Christine Stevens, Alyssa Janney & Frank Thompson

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