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HealthRHYTHMS has the power to be an interventional tool for clinical support applications in the hands of licensed therapists, counselors, and allied healthcare professionals. This versatile tool can also be used for many non-clinical applications including: teambuilding, employee wellness, stress reduction, and creating personal empowerment in the classroom environment, recreation and more. Here are a few examples of how facilitators are integrating this tool in their work:

George Trauner, Director of Operations Bethesda Children's Home uses HealthRHYTHMS for Employee Wellness & Teambuilding. Bethesda Children's Home uses HealthRHYTHMS Adolescent Protocol for helping at-risk youth

Principal Rebecca James uses HealthRHYTHMS as a tool for improving middle school student test scores and creating empathy, care and trust in the school environment.

Frank Thompson, founder of AZ Rhythm Connection uses HealthRHYTHMS for Corporate group empowerment and teambuilding sessions.

Julie Bunnuci, Elementary School Music Teacher uses HealthRHYTHMS for classroom management and curriculum integration.

Beth Maldonado, LCSW, the Employee Assistance Program Manager at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles uses HealthRHYTHMS for employee wellness.

Lauren Daniels, Music Therapist, uses HealthRHYTHMS with patients in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, Pasadena, CA.

Helen Dolas, CEO/Founder of a 25 year old non-profit organization called Arts & Services for the Disabled utilizes HealthRHYTHMS for employee wellness & teambuilding and client services.

Moe Jerant, Professional Drummer uses HealthRHYTHMS in her community for “Stress-buster Drum Circles”.

Mauri Tyler, Recreation Therapist uses HealthRHYTHMS with seniors at an Assisted Living facility in New Jersey.

David Currier, Alzheimer’s Program Director at a long-term care center in Maine uses HealthRHYTHMS with Alzheimer’s patients to “make it home” for residents.

Bonnie Harr, Clinical Nurse Specialist, uses HealthRHYTHMS for inter-generational groups, ministry applications and clinical interventions.

Tanya Manslank, Music Therapist in New Orleans used HealthRHYTHMS for post Hurricane Katrina caregiver support.

Sharon Horton, Special Education Teacher used HealthRHYTHMS for Recreation Nights at Let Me Sail for Adults with intellectual disabilities.

Jeannie Crawford, Psychiatric Nurse facilitates HealthRHYTHMS for patients and staff at health care settings, for spiritual groups, wellness and stress reduction.


**Please note that attending the HealthRHYTHMS Training does not qualify one to use HealthRHYTHMS for clinical intervention if they are not otherwise licensed or credentialed to work in that setting. 

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