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Drum Circle: A Guide to World Percussion

Drum Circle: A Guide to World Percussion will take you on a fascinating journey to culturally specific & modern drumming from the Middle East, Africa, Brazil and Cuba.

By Chalo Eduardo & Frank Kumor

Watch percussion masters Chalo Eduardo and Frank Kumor play 28 instruments and demonstrate 52 exercises and rhythms on the easy-to-use Enhanced CD.

The Enhanced CD works on any Windows-compatible or Macintosh computer and includes audio and visual demonstrations of all the written exercises and rhythms.

The book highlights cultural history & significance of each family of instruments, including photographs, music notation of each rhythm (Traditional or Contemporary Time Unit Box Notation), plus new & traditional ensemble arrangements that you may perform with other drum enthusiasts!

  • Hand Drums (Conga, Timbau, Djembe, Doumbek)
  • Frame Drums (Tamborim, Tar, Bodhran)
  • Frame Drums with Jingles (Pandeiro, Riq, Tambourine)
  • Bass Drums (Surdo, Djun Djun, Tan-Tan)
  • Single- and Multiple-Pitched Bells (Triangle, Cowbell, Agogo, Gankogui)
  • Rhythm Instruments (Shekere, Ganza, Cabasa, Snare Drum, Maracas, Guiro)
  • Instruments of Variable Pitch (Talking Drum, Cuica, Berimbau)
  • Call Drums (Timbale, Repinique)
  • Traditional World Drumming Ensembles (Middle Eastern, West African, Cuban Rumba Guaguanco, Brazilian-Maracatu Baque Virado)
  • World Beat Ensembles (Call of the Drums, World Piece)

With the Enhanced CD you may also: Slow down each rhythm for practice purposes and view a close-up of each hand position! Loop each rhythm over and over again! Use the Enhanced CD in your regular compact disc player for quick audio reference.

Whether you want to play for pleasure, or need to expand your professional horizons, Drum circle: A Guide to World Percussion will lead you down the road to success (and drumming happiness).

If you are a classroom teacher or a music teacher interested in starting a drum circle or teaching about other world cultures, you may conveniently order from a selection of four Remo World Percussion Starter Kits (Middle Eastern, African, Samba or Cubanito). All starter kits are packaged with "Drum Circle: A Guide to World Percussion" Enhanced CD & book by Chalo Eduardo and Frank Kumor.

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Remo drums are manufactured with Remo's proprietary Acousticon shell material. This advanced drum shell material has excellent projection capabilities and enhanced low-pitched fundamentals. Added benefits are strength, weather-resistance and reduced weight. Tunable and pretuned drums are fitted with a variety of Remo drumheads for superior quality sound.

Model PP-WPSK-01

The Middle Eastern Starter Kit features two Remo Signature Series instruments; Layne Redmond's Riq and John Bergamo's Kanjira as well as the popular pretuned doumbek.

Model PP-WPSK-02

The African Starter Kit is versatile for all styles of drumming. It features the Remo Mini Rope Djembe with a Fiberskyn® 3 drumhead, a small drum with a big sound.

Model PP-WPSK-03

Get into the Latin salsa flavor with The Cubanito Starter Kit featuring the popular Remo pretuned Tubano and Bongo drums.

Model PP-SAMB-58

The Samba Starter Kit is a collection of the most popular Brazilian instruments. Remo's unique pretuned drums are pitched to emulate the sounds of Brazil. Special graphics on the pandeiro and Tan-Tan bass drum are lively and colorful.

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