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Asian Drum Circle Tour 2005 with Arthur Hull

By John Fitzgerald

I have had the pleasure of traveling in Asia w/ Arthur Hull on a two week tour to four countries, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Arthur, he is widely acknowledged to be the father of the facilitated drum circle movement. He has been facilitating drum circles for more than 30 years, and has trained over 2000 facilitators in his Village Music Circle™ training programs. You may contact Arthur for information about drum circle facilitation and trainings at Village Music Circles. This is Arthur’s second trip to Asia this year with one more planned in October, and he has become fluent in several Asian languages...Well, OK I lied. But he has learned to say the equivalent of “1 2 let’s all play” in Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean. Now you can too!

I’ve spelled them phonetically of course, and am not able to represent the subtleties of pronunciation, so use at your own risk…

Itchy Knee OhSkinnyDozo!
1 2 PlayYourOwnPlease!

Korean :
Hana dool TahHamKay!
1 2 All Together!

E Ur KyShrDa!
1 2 Start!

The distributor for Remo Inc in each country acted as our hosts, and at Arthur’s request, they set up very full schedules of community drum circles and drum circle facilitation trainings. My coworker and good buddy Robert Shen accompanied us on the tour and he was an invaluable asset. We did 15 drum circles and 3 one day trainings in 13 days and that includes travel days. Whew!

Every one was very welcoming, the work was fun and we hope that the participants enjoyed and valued the experience as much as we did. And I personally learned a great deal from them and Arthur.
I’ve included a few pictures and brief descriptions of the events.
Read and enjoy…

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