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(Asian Drum Circle Tour 2005 with Arthur Hull)

It’s Wednesday so we must be in Taiwan….at least that’s what my schedule says. It’s easy to loose track of which country you’re in much less which day of the week it is.

We arrived in Taipei, Taiwan and our host here was KHS Music. On our first evening we did a two hour community DC in the store attended by lots of kids, their parents and some fascinated passers-by.

Arthur gave a full day training the followed day which was attended by about 35 music teachers and Music Therapists, mostly women. The training was followed by a community DC at which the students were encouraged to facilitate.

Student Facilitating


We did manage a couple of hours of relaxation that evening and went to a night market filled with unusual sights and smells (ask Arthur about “stinky tofu”).

Taiwan Marketplace

Thanks again to KHS Music, Mr. Eddie Chang, Richard Sheih, and our good friend Annie Huang from Remo Asia. Here’s the KHS website


Now on to Hong Kong...

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