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(Asian Drum Circle Tour 2005 with Arthur Hull)

We started our journey Monday the 13 th of June, arriving in Japan Tuesday the 14 th.. Our hosts in Japan where the folks from Yamaha Music Trading. We stayed at a Yamaha resort in the city of Tsumagoi. Yamaha makes skis, motorcycles, and yes, runs resorts as well. Even my bathtub was a Yamaha… Amazing!

Arthur Hull and John Fitzgerald

We joined the over 100 attendees and 5 DCFs/teachers from the Drum Circle Facilitators’ Association at the Remo/YMT Drum Camp.

Arthur Hull Facilitating Drum Circle

It lasted 3 days and gave attendees the opportunity to experience the basics of drumming technique, African, Afro-Caribbean, and Brazilian ensemble styles, and an introduction to the basics of drum circle facilitation.

Arthur Hull

There were 4 drum circles for all participants including the closing circle that was held outside under a beautiful blue sky (we’d had rain of most of our stay).

Drum Camp Students and Teachers

The classes were taught by Arthur Hull, Masahito “Pecker” Toshinori, Takimoto, Takeshi Ishikawa, Francis Silva, Gary Sugita and me.

Special thanks to Jackie Yamauchi, Shoko Takada, Shige Kokaji, and everyone from YMT for their gracious hospitality. They will post more pictures of the camp on their wesbite:


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