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Hong Kong
(Asian Drum Circle Tour 2005 with Arthur Hull)


We were met at the airport by the hard-working Jace Mui of Tom Lee Music, the Remo distributor in Hong Kong. We had a couple of hours to put our bags in our rooms, shower, and eat before our first event, a community drum circle at the Hong Kong Exhibition Center from 7 to 8 pm. It was organized by the Christian Family Service Center, and was attended by about 200 folks, including a senior group that brought their own drums. Excellent!

We started the next day early with a drum circle at the Tai Kok Tsui Catholic Primary School. It was attended by about one hundred and fifty 4th and 5th grade students and their parents and teachers.

Arthur facilitating a Drum Circle for students and parents.

After getting something to eat, we set up for another full day of training at the Sai Wan Ho Civic Center. The training was well attended with a large contingent of music teachers, a Music Therapist and folks who work with special needs clients. Hey, if you’re a Music Therapist, consider moving to Hong Kong; they have a population of about seven million and only about eight Music Therapists!

Our final days’ activities began the following afternoon at the Olympian City Open Air Plaza. The event began with a performance by a senior drumming ensemble called the African Drum Team. All were well into their 70s and 80s. They made very colorful costumes, painted their faces and did some very cool drumming. Arthur and I surmised this might be a new musical culture, since they compose their own music, make their own clothes and so forth. Perhaps we might call them Hong Kongalese?

Just before we started the drum circle, with people already seated, it started raining. They pulled out their umbrellas and our small group began to groove, and eventually we brought back the sun and a whole lot more people. Two active drum circle facilitators, Kumi and James, jumped in and did some great facilitating. Thanks you guys!

Thanks again to Mr. Frank Lee, Jace Mui, Marvin the Man Lee(our able translator), and the whole crew from Tom Lee Music.

Well that’s a very brief account of a really jammed packed trip. As you can see the drum circle movement is well on its way in these countries. There is a great interest and a great need, and we met many people enthusiastic about all the potential uses of drum circle in community, education and Music Therapy.

Arthur Hull and John Fitzgerald

I would like to thank all our friends in Asia for welcoming us so warmly. I would also like to thank Arthur for his great facilitating and training and am especially grateful for the support, instruction and encouragement he gave me.

John Fitzgerald
Manager of Recreational Music Activities


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