Favorite Product Suggestions by Remo Facilitators


Suggested Remo Drum Circle Products

Favorite Product Suggestions by Remo Facilitators

Arthur Hull recommends:
Supply your circle with a mixture of drums and hand percussion. 

Drums – The Four pitch groups of drums

  • Bass – Double headed drums – Djun-Djuns, Surdo, Gathering Drums, Arthur Hull Nesting Drums.
  • Low - Tubanos, Congas, Buffalo Drums, larger Frame Drums.
  • Middle - Ashikos, Djembes, Festival Tubanos and Djembes, Djembeks.
  • High - Bongos, Doumbeks, Talking Drums.

***Remo Frame Drums can cut across all these pitches and come in six sizes.  Arthur Hull has facilitated a 600-person circle with only Frame Drums. 

***Gear that nests:  The Festival Tubanos nest.  Frame Drums nest.  The Nesting drums are specifically designed for drum circle facilitators.  Hand-held Cowbells nest. 

Hand Percussion – The three timbre groups of hand percussion

  • Wood Sounds
  • Shakers
  • Bells

Barry Bernstein Recommends:
I use 10” and 12” Paddle Drums and nesting Frame Drums (6” to 16”). I also like the Kids Konga, Kids Djembe and Djembeks because they are easy to play while being mobile.

Bob Bloom Recommends:
For my family drum circle drum mix, I use

  • 15” X 6” Remo Festival Drum
  • 17” X 8” Tubanos
  • Remo Kids Doubeks
  • Remo Kids Djembe

These drums provide three distinct drum voices and I can carry quite a few of them in 14” x 20” bass drum cases.

Sha, in Northern Ireland Recommends:

  • Thunder Tubes and Spring Drums are cool.
  • Arthur Hull's Nesting Djun Djuns are great for school circles. 
  • Kids Djembes
  • Lollipop Drums 
  • Rattlestix

I supplied some Native Americans visiting N,I. with a Buffalo Drum for their shows and they loved it! It was also played by the Lord Mayor in Ireland.

Christine Stevens Recommends:

  • Nesting Frame Drums. I replace the 8” Frame Drum with the double jingle economy Tambourines. For travel gigs, I ship out 10 nested packs. That way, I have a total of 50 drums and 10 tambourines.  Gives you the 22” Frame Drums for basses, the 16”, 14”, 12”, 10” Frame Drums for middle and high sounds, and the Tambourines for metal sounds. I LOVE watching people jump on the tambourines. Plus, if you’ve been to a Pentecostal Church, you know that people have Tambourine chops.
  • I bring as many mallets as I have Frame Frums and demonstrate a “wood” sound by tapping the handle of the mallet against the edge of the Frame Drum.
  • You gotta have a good bass drum! I go with the 24 x 18” Surdo in the Rain Forest fabric and the 19" x 22” Remo Gathering Drum, alternating them depending on the circle and the type of gig.
  • The 7-½" x 22” Kid’s Gathering Drum is a smaller drum that holds a deep tone. I’ve always been a fan of the Buffalo Drums for low end sound.
  • My current favorite is definitely the Djembek. It comes with strap for easu holding and is a nice hand size for women.
  • Shakers. I use the oranges, apples, small and large gourds (they’re like sweet maracas), and lemons from the fruit and veggie shaker collection. I have 12 of each type. I can layer in parts, sculpt, and make jokes about being “fruity.” 
  • Bells. The 2- and 3-tone Agogo Bells (use light timbale sticks on them to avoid an overpowering bell sound). I take my 9” leader hand-held Cowbell and I’m set. 

Paulo Mattioli Recommends:

  • 6 Djembe, African Collection, 25"x13"
    Finishes: 04, PM; Swivel key Included
  • 6 Djembe (Festival), African Collection, 21"x12"
    Finishes: 13,16.17; Strap Included
  • 6 Djembe (Festival), African Collection, 14"x8"
    Finishes: 13,16,17; Strap Included
  • 6 Tubano (Festival), Worldwide Collection, 17"x8"
    Finishes: 13,16,17; Strap Included
  • 6 Tubano (Festival), Worldwide Collection, 18"x10"
    Finishes: 13,16,17; Strap Included
  • 6 Tubano (Festival), Worldwide Collection, 15"x6"
    Finishes: 13,16,17; Strap Included
  • 2 Talking Drum (Awe), African Collection, 15"x6"
    Finishes: 07,18; Strap Included
  • 2 Talking Drum (Awe), African Collection, 16"x8"
    Finishes: 07,18; Strap Included
  • 4 Nesting Djun-Djuns, Hull Collection, 17"x12"
    Finishes: A1,A2,A3,A4,A5,A6; Strap Included
  • 8 Veggie Shakes, Worldwide Collection, Ass't 9-Pak
  • 10 Fruit Shakes, Worldwide Collection, Ass't 9-Pak
  • 6 Agogo Bell, Valencia Collection
  • 24 Hand Drum 6-Pak, Worldwide Collection
    Finishes: Variety; 1 Each Designer Hand Drum Included
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