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HealthRHYTHMS Training
Denver Participants Share Their Experience of the Training
May 2009

Our most recent HealthRHYTHMS Facilitation training was held in Centennial, CO (Denver) in May 2009. This training was filled with special people from 11 different US States and three other countries.  We are so pleased to share a few comments with you from our most recent training.

 "Wow! I feel that HealthRHYTHMS is a modality to help heal the human population...Being of service to others is the greatest gift we have to give in this lifetime. I am so grateful to have HealthRHYTHMS as a new avenue!"

Tami Noorzay, Art Teacher - Encinitas School District


"This training re-awakened my senses and expanded my understanding about who is the true facilitator of health and well being ~ ourselves"

Bonnie Kowaliuk, MTA, RSW, MBA - Director, Center for Creative Arts


"I really liked how this program stressed that magical ability/talent is not required. I am able to include more clients into the circle because the intimidation factor is gone. This is a totally unique program from what I have experienced before."

Jay Camp, M.Ed - Director of Recreation Therapy, Children's Recovery Center of Oklahoma


"I learned more about he humanity of drum circle facilitation in the first couple of hours of this training than I learned in any other training...."

Celeste Herron-Hurley, Music Teacher/DCF - Director, Talking Rhythms


"So Simple, So Powerful, So Valuable, So Fun!"

Leslie Jackson, Life Coach - Practice Manager


"This was a long awaited, life changing event. Thank you"

Talca Brocher, RN - Davita


"I learned, I cried, I laughed, I lived. Thank you for transforming my life and giving me a great tool to transform others. I can't recommend this workshop enough. Your rhythm will never be the same!"

Ilan Glazer, Rabbinical Student - Jewish Educator


"I will use this wonderful wellness intervention in my private practice now and explore new ways to define Behavioral Wellness!"

Evelyn Baleria, APRN CNS, BC, RXN, CAN - CEO - Behavioral Health Center of Excellence


"In this era of marketers and products that are often prefaced by workshops, HealthRHYTHMS is the first that I've experienced where more is delivered personally and practically than is promised. Participants are respected for the learning styles they bring...a piece of wellness practice that would benefit anyone's professional education or practice."

Scott MacDougall, MSW, RSW - Mental Health Therapist


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