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"The Rhythm Party™" DVD/CD/Book from Remo Offers an Easy Approach to Recreational Music

Valencia, CA - Remo Inc. in collaboration with Sandy Feldstein Music and PlayinTime Productions, Inc proudly introduces THE RHYTHM PARTY™, a new series of DVDs, CDs and Guide Book/CDs that make playing music and percussion accessible, easy and fun.

The new Rhythm Party™ products make it possible for any music dealer or consumer outlet to provide groups or individuals with a "turn key" program designed to provide a positive atmosphere for making music and playing drums in a non-judgmental, creative, fun atmosphere.

Typically, trained Drum Circle Facilitators are used to create this kind of environment. This type of Drum circle tends to focus on the extended playing of exciting, infectious rhythms. However, for those having their first exposure to this form of Recreational Music Making, shorter experiences, which include the playing of songs with and without the option of singing has proven very enjoyable for all age groups

The RHYTHM PARTY™ Sound Shape™ DVD and RHYTHM PARTY™ Hand Drum DVD create an instant rhythm party in any setting. The leaders and performers on the DVDs represent all age groups and show how fun and easy it is to make music. They can be used at home for a family rhythm party or enjoyed one on one. These are also a stimulating play-along for any group--from daycare and pre school to a senior citizen and health care facility. The stand-alone Rhythm Party CD provides hip, fun, play-along experiences to be enjoyed away from the DVD player. The Guide Book/CD can be used at home or in any educational setting. It comes with complete facilitator instructions for those who wish to move from the Rhythm Party™ experience to a traditional drum circle.

For those who want to either learn or teach more formally about music, the DVDs include a basic instructional section on notation and time signatures. This segment can be used individually or in a classroom setting. For teachers, the Guide Book provides helpful ideas for integrating the instruction into the classroom.

Rhythm Party CD

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