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Valencia, CA - Remo, the world’s only manufacturer of the tucked synthetic drumhead, is proud to introduce this breakthrough percussion design concept on its Type 9, tucked SKYNDEEP® bongo drumheads. The ideal blend of tradition for tone quality and technology for ultimate durability, the tucked synthetic drumhead was first introduced in 2001 with NUSKYN® and later with FIBERSKYN 3®.
Remo’s patented tucked drumheads represent a major breakthrough in drumhead technology without equal in the industry. The SKYNDEEP® drumhead produces a full body sound with increased sound projection with the added durability provided by its patented tucked construction.
Remo’s new tucked SKYNDEEP® bongo heads are available in three graphics finishes that compliment Remo Signature Artist congas. These type 9 tucked bongo heads also fit many bongos drum made by other manufacturers.
Bongo, replacement Skyndeep® Tucked Type 9 Drumheads
Available in Calfskin (003), Serpentine Day (004), Petrified Cave (005), Molten Sea (006)                                                                                                      
7"             M9-0715-S4-SD003                 M9 Type, "Calf Skin" Graphic
8.5"          M9-0850-S5-SD003                 M9 Type, "Calf Skin" Graphic
9"             M9-0900-S5-SD003                 M9 Type, "Calf Skin" Graphic
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