2006 Modern Drummer Festival
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Remo® Inc. Sponsors 2006 Modern Drummer Festival

Valencia, CA – Remo Inc. is proud to sponsor our artists for the best weekend of Drum and Percussion in the nation.

This years Remo Artist's include:

Stewart Copeland- Gizmo
Thomas Lang- Independent
Luis Conte- Independent
Teddy Campbell- American Idol
Gerald Heyward- Beyonce
Aaron Spears- Usher
Marvin McQuitty- Independent
Jason McGerr- Death Cab For Cutie
Ronald Bruner Jr.- Clarke/Duke Project
Steve Smith- Vital Information
Danny Seraphine- CTA
Mike Mangini- Independent
Dave DiCenso-Independent
Bobby Sanabria- Ascension

Please see the best artists, playing the best product…..September 16th-17th, New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC). For more details, please go to for details.

2006 Modern Drummer Festival

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