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Remo®, Inc. introduces Handle-Leg Connectors

Valencia, CA – Remo, Inc. introduces Handle-Leg Connectors (HLC), a new system for connecting Sound Shapes® together to create drum combinations from two to as many Sound Shapes as are available. Invented by Dr. Craig Woodson, ethnomusicologist, noted author, and educator, the HLC unit is basically a vise which holds the Sound Shapes between durable Acousticon® material and is tightened with a twisting motion. The connectors come in a variety
of shapes and colors that reflect those of the various Sound Shapes. One convenient advantage
of this system is that it is very easy to assemble and disassemble.
Once together, the smaller drum sets can be held with one hand and played by the other or be placed on the floor and played with two beaters.
The Handle-Leg Connectors come in several packages: small for use with the Sound Shape Shape Pack, medium for the Sound Shape Circle Pack and large for adding both Packs together. Other accessory connectors are available to help you create most any configuration you can imagine.
These products have applications from educators to professional percussionists to composers to recreational drummers. Educators will find these valuable as hands-on discovery projects in which students can experiment and actually build a unique musical instrument. Once constructed, children learn about music, improvisation, and composition, as well as general subjects like geometry, math, and science. Professional percussionists and composers will use these drum sets as a new soundscape for experimentation and expression. Recreational drummers will find these inventions fun, entertaining and an exciting new way to be a percussionist. 

Further information about the Handle-Leg Connectors is available at or by contacting For workshops or demonstrations of the Handle-Leg Connectors contact Dr. Craig Woodson at or 440-543-5181 

Handle-Leg Connectors (HLC)

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