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New Gleneagles Bass Drum Head Offers Maximum Control

Valencia, CA—Designed to provide absolute control over tonal projection and attack, Remo's unique new Gleneagles 14 mil single ply Bass Drum head offers the widest variations of any marching bass drum head in the Pipe Drum market.

The Gleneagles head produces more of the deep, rich low end overtones in demand by today's leading bands. The head allows the true sound of the drum to emerge without the excessive dampening required by other bass drum heads.

The responsive single ply head gives the bass drummer natural projection from the drum to blend with the modern dynamics of today's pipe and marching bands.

Commenting on the new Gleneagles head, Percussionist Jim Kilpatrick said, "It has always been my view that all aspects of sound and styles should be catered for in the manufacturing of bass drum heads. The new Gleneagles bass drum head produces rich tones with great clarity, and brings out the best in both the player and the drum."

Size Model # MSRP
26" GE-1326-00 $64.75
28" GE-1328-00 $70.50

Gleneagles Bass Drumhead

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