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Calling It “A Defining Moment In Drum History” Remo Launches The Revolutionary “Tss” Drum System

Valencia, Calif. – Looking every bit as futuristic as the technology that created it, Remo’s advanced TSS Drum System represents more than just a major refinement of Remo’s groundbreaking Drumhead and Sound Shape technologies. In addition to their radical appearance, the drums provide a fresh, clean, articulate yet resonant sound with applications in a virtually limitless range of musical situations— from Marching (field and pit) and Concert (large and small ensembles) to Drumset (studio and live) and the classroom.

Comments Remo’s president and founder, Remo Belli, who after nearly 50 years as the head of the company continues to be involved in all facets of product development, “As much as we’ve progressed since the development of the plastic drumhead in 1957, I believe that TSS is the shape of things to come. This may well represent one of the defining moments in drum history.”

“TSS is a revolutionary advance in an evolving technology,” explains Lane Davy, Remo Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. “The drums are amazingly versatile and compact. For example, a set of high-tension TSS quads on a marching harness or a TSS-equipped marching snare drum are roughly half the weight of conventional drums. The same thing is true of snare-equipped TSS drums that can be mounted on cymbal stands, hi-hats and even other drums. But I think drummers and sound engineers will be most impressed by their quality of sound. It’s absolutely incredible!”

The new TSS Drums feature a combination of performance-proven Remo drumheads and newly-designed aluminum-alloy components and are available in two tunable versions, including six standard and six high-tension models. Standard-style TSS drums are recommended for most applications and are equipped with a SUEDE® EMPEROR®-weight head mounted in a one-piece Acousticon counterhoop and supported by an aluminum bearing edge and tension screw receiver hoop. Suggested for more extreme applications, high-tension TSS drums include a marching-style BLACK MAX® drumhead and add an aluminum counterhoop, both top and bottom, for increased strength, stability and tuning range.

To further augment the inherent flexibility of the TSS system, specially-developed snare wire conversion kits will be offered as upgrades for 6-14” TSS drums while the extensive assortment of available accessories will also include foam inserts that muffle the drums for practicing as well as mounts, brackets, stands, harnesses and arms that facilitate their use as stand-alone, cluster or add-on drums. In addition, TSS sound enhancement and modification will be easy to accomplish with modular drum shell inserts and sound reflectors plus a wide range of Remo’s distinctive sounding DIPLOMAT®, AMBASSADOR® and EMPEROR™ clear and coated, RENAISSANCE®, PINSTRIPE®, POWERSTROKE® 3, WHITE and BLACK MAX®, SUEDE® and CYBERMAX™ drumheads.

The following selection of individual TSS drums (shown with suggested retail prices) and accessories will initially be available at selected Remo “GOLD CROWN™” dealers:

TSS Drums
(prices not available at press time)
4” TS-0004-00
6” TS-0006-00
8” TS-0008-00
10” TS-0010-00
12” TS-0012-00
14” TS-0014-00

High-Tension TSS Drums
TS-1004-10 (not available at press time)
TS-1006-10 $149-199
TS-1008-10 $199-249
TS-1010-10 $249-299
TS-1012-10 $299-349
TS-1014-10 (not available at press time)

Visit a participating authorized Remo TSS Drum Center to see and hear the revolutionary TSS Drum System or for more information or to locate a dealer near you contact Remo at: 28101 Industry Drive, Valencia, CA 91355, tel: 661-294-5600, fax: 661-294-5700, internet:

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HighTension TSS

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