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Remo and Thomas Lang Team-Up to Advance Drumming by Reinventing the Practice Kit.

Developed in conjunction with one of the world’s most popular and progressive young drummers, the new Thomas Lang Practice Kit by Remo incorporates state-of-the-art design and materials to provide modern drummers with an advanced practice instrument. “Working with an intelligent, accomplished, world-class drummer like Thomas allowed us to reinvent the practice pad and the practice kit,” states Herbie May, Director of Product Development at Remo. “The kit is extremely portable and accessible while the individual pads offer a more natural, more complete practice experience that is consistent with the advanced needs of today’s students, professionals and semi-pro players.”

The Thomas Lang Practice Kit (#RP-1200-00, MSRP unavailable as of press time) is based on Thomas’ 6-piece drumset configuration and includes one 13.25” pad, four 8” pads, and two bass drum pads designed to be used with a double pedal. The 8” and 13.25” pads consist of two parts: a circular steel base plate and a removable magnetic surface pad (patent pending). Being able to change your playing surface is one of the many innovative features of this kit. There are four interchangeable, color-coded surface pads available: Classic coated AMBASSADOR®, traditional gum rubber, hard and soft sponge rubber. These options were selected to allow drummers to customize their practice routines and to emulate the feel of different playing surfaces. For instance, the soft sponge rubber has little bounce for speed and strength exercises while the coated AMBASSADOR® surface provides a feel closer to that of a real drum. The base plate is mounted to the kit with a standard 8mm threaded receiver that allows any one pad to be used on a standard cymbal stand. For the bass drum, ingenious twin systems consisting of a silicone pad, pedal attachment and inverted bass drum beater provide a quiet yet highly realistic feel (pedals not included).

In addition to the unique pad system, several notable design innovations have been made to the practice set configuration, as well. The kit’s three-piece platform features polyurethane foam to reduce sound transmission and accommodates any single, double or twin pedal. The compact, modular practice system also includes features such as a universal, angle-adjustable snare drum pad stand, a convenient drumstick holder and a specially designed case with wheels for easy transport. The included music stand is a perfect example of the attention paid to detail on this product. The stand is mirrored to allow careful attention to hand position while practicing. When laid flat, it can hold a laptop computer, secured by an integral strap, for practicing with DVDs or playing along to music on the computer. Attached to the stand are a metronome holder and a combination headphone stand/cup-holder.

For those who only need a single pad, the Remo ProPad with Stand (RP-1000-00, MSRP unavailable as of press time) comes with a 13.25” base plate, the four interchangeable surfaces, hardware, and stick holder (sticks not included). The single pad can be taken off its stand and played on a table top, with attachable feet, or attached to your leg with included leg strap.

A major breakthrough that will allow drummers to practice more efficiently and more often, the Thomas Lang Practice Kit is available at leading drum shops and music stores. For additional information please contact Remo at 28101 Industry Drive, Valencia, CA 91355, tel: 661-294-5600, fax: 661-294-5700, internet:

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