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Remo® Drumheads really are the BEST!

Valencia, CA - BestCovery ( has selected REMO® Snare, Tom & Bass Drumheads as #1 in their respective categories. 

Snare Drumhead Category:
1st Place - Remo’s extremely popular Coated Ambassador® drumhead
3rd Place - Fiberskyn® 3 Powerstroke® 3 drumhead

Tom tom Category:
1st Place - Black Suede™ Emperor® drumhead
3rd Place - Fiberskyn® 3 Ambassador® drumhead

Bass Drumhead Category:
1st Place - Coated Powerstroke® 3 drumhead
5th Place - Fiberskyn® 3 Ambassador® drumhead

Consumers took a poll on to determine the winning drumheads. is the fastest and easiest way to find the best of everything in one place. They have taken the pain out of the shopping process by answering a single question: “What is the best product or service for your specific need?” Whether you're looking for the best netbook, best MP3 player or best drumhead, their experts have the answer. At, you will find their reviews short, easy to understand, and to the point. Their experts explain why a product or service is best for a particular need and how it is best used. So if chooses Remo drumheads you can feel confident choosing them also. Remo is dedicated to continue making the Best Consumer Friendly/Quality Drumheads in the World.

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