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Remo launches 50+ Drum Circles

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA -- The REMO Recreational Music Center announced a new program for participants ages 50 and over. American Demographics reports that Baby Boomers are the fastest growing demographic. Drum circles are a wonderful opportunity for people to relate, not only musically, but personally. Studies show that acquiring new learning skills, socializing, and exercise may keep our brains healthy and more importantly, rejuvenate brain cells. Group drumming provides experiences in all three of these important practices for maintaining health and supporting longevity.

AARP's My Generation Magazine refers to drum circles as "the fastest growing holistic health trend,." And Prevention Magazine states, "your immune system loves a good beat."

Recreational Music Making gives everyone permission to explore their musical and creative spirit. It often opens the door to improving musical skills without being intimidated and stressed. Many students of music give up before ever truly expressing themselves and experiencing the joy of interacting with others musically. In an atmosphere of Recreational Music Making improvisation, creativity, and jamming with others are explored from the very first beat.

According to owner and founder Remo Belli, "We see the drum as a tool for life-enhancement. We want to extend the benefits of group music making to all people."

The REMO Recreational Music Center is located in North Hollywood, CA. Receiving over ten awards from the California Senate and State Legislature for community service, this drumming warehouse offers programs for kids, families, adults, and now 50 plus. Among other weekly programs, drum classes, workshops, and private events the REMO Recreational Music Center is a strong force within the community and is now proud to announce the 50+ Drum Circle. The cost is $3.00 and new program will be on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month. The launch date is Wednesday November, 10th at 7:00PM.

Contact Mike DeMenno at 818 982-0461 or check out the REMO website for a calendar listing at

REMO Recreational Music Center
7308 Coldwater Canyon Ave.
(1/2 block north of Sherman Way)
North Hollywood CA 91605

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