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This is HealthRHYTHMS: An experiential view of a research-based wellness strategy

By: Alyssa Janney, MBA
Category: Wellness
Population Served: Seniors

She enters the room, her spirits as low as the floor where her eyes are cast. Her movements are labored, the weariness of 86 years of life evidenced in each step. She sits in a circle of others, positioning her walker beside her and rests her hands in her lap, until her neighbor reaches a hand out to her, touching her hand and giving her a special gift which she passes along to the stranger seated next to her. The stranger, surprised smiles at her and passes her gift on to the person next to him, until all in the circle have received and given this seemingly insignificant gift.

The sound of her heartbeat begins to fill the room and she is asked to place her hands on a drum and play the rhythm of her name. She plays, and the others embrace her by playing along. The group continues to beat their drums while singing a familiar tune, when off to one side of the circle she rises, slowly but deliberately, leaving her walker behind she begins to dance, hands out to her side, one foot crossing the other, and smiling, as if the dancer inside since her youth is leaping out of her aging body. This is HealthRHYTHMS, a transformational program about stress reduction, exercise, self-expression, camaraderie/support, nurturing, spirituality and music. It is achieved through a research-based protocol, developed by a neurologist and a board certified music-therapist and social worker.

Research has shown this protocol can produce health benefits including: strengthening the immune system, reduction in stress, and improvements in mood states. HealthRHYTHMS is currently being utilized as a well-accepted, cost-effective strategy in a host of clinical outcome-based programs for individuals facing the challenges of many common diseases and for employee wellness. We hope you will join us in helping others to enrich their lives by discovering their own personal rhythms.

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