Joey Jordison
Country of Residence:
United States
Joey Jordison, is an American musician, songwriter, and record producer. He is a co-founder and the primary drummer for the Grammy Award-winning heavy metal band Slipknot, as well as the guitarist and backup-vocalist for horror punk supergroup Murderdolls. While growing up in Des Moines, Iowa, Jordison quickly developed an interest in music, learning to play the guitar and drums. Jordison joined multiple bands throughout his high school years, which led to him being invited to join Slipknot, at age 20. Jordison immediately embraced the idea and quickly became involved in all aspects of the band. Jordison's dedication to music led to performances and work with many other bands over his career, including Metallica, Korn, Ministry, Satyricon, System of a Down, Roadrunner United and 3 Inches of Blood. Joey embraced music at an early age, which he attributes to the influence of his parents, "they always sat me down in front of the radio, rather than the TV." He played guitar until receiving his first drum kit as a gift from his parents at age eight, and started his first band while in elementary school. At a young age Jordison's parents divorced; he and his two younger sisters stayed with their mother. His mother remarried and set up a funeral parlor where Jordison would occasionally help. Jordison has stated he felt a sudden responsibility to be the man of the house, and this responsibility turned him into a more mature person at a young age. Despite being involved in multiple projects, he did not have his first serious band until he was fifteen. He formed Modifidious in which he played drums. He later described them as "total speed-metal thrash". The band helped Jordison break new ground, playing for live crowds in support of local bands including Atomic Opera, which featured Jim Root, and Heads On The Wall, which featured Shawn Crahan. After a multitude of line-up changes including the presence of Craig Jones and Josh Brainard-who would later appear in Slipknot-the band released two demos in 1993: Visceral and Mud Fuchia. In early 1995, Modifidious disbanded because of a shift in interest from thrash metal to death metal in America. Following this Jordison joined a local band called The Rejects as a guitarist, with whom he only played a couple of shows. Jordison was also involved in a band with Paul Gray, formed mostly as a joke called Anal Blast. Gray also attempted to recruit him for another band, Body Pit, but he declined the invitation to remain in The Rejects. In September 1995, Paul Gray approached Jordison while he was working, offering him a position in a new project he was working on with Shawn Crahan. Intrigued and at a point where he was "lost", Jordison attended rehearsals at Anders Colsefini's basement and immediately wanted to be part of this new band. Speaking of this moment he said, "I remember trying so hard not to smile, so I didn't look like I wanted to join, I remained poker-faced, but I thought they ruled." Joey joined the new group which six months later would become Slipknot. Jordison is considered one of the most dedicated members of the band and is involved in most elements of the group including writing, mixing and production, and is reportedly "the first to arrive and the last to leave." Jordison is known as "The Fastest Drummer in Metal History". Although Jordison has always been closely involved in almost every aspect of the creation of Slipknot and the Murderdolls' music, including the mixing and production stages, he has only fully produced one album with either band: Slipknot's 2005 live album 9.0: Live. In 2002, Jordison revived his band The Rejects, renaming them the Murderdolls. Jordison became the Murderdolls' guitarist. The Murderdolls signed with Roadrunner Records and released an EP entitled Right to Remain Violent. The band then returned with their debut album Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls. Jordison has performed with other bands, solely as a touring member. While preparing for the Download Festival in 2004, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich was hospitalized for an unknown illness. Metallica's vocalist James Hetfield searched amongst other bands performing at the festival to find a replacement for Ulrich; Jordison and Dave Lombardo of Slayer volunteered. Jordison performed on 9 of the 12 songs that made up the set and was called the band's "hero of the day". In late 2004, Jordison performed with Satyricon on their tour of the United States when drummer Frost was refused entry into the country. In 2006, Jordison joined Ministry for their "MasterBaTour 2006" which consisted of sixty dates across the United States and Canada. He also appeared in the music video for their single "Lies Lies Lies". Korn recruited Jordison in 2007 to join them on tour when drummer David Silveria went on hiatus from the band. While touring with Korn, Jordison set a record by becoming the first musician ever to perform on five different occasions at the Download Festival in England. He also appeared in the music video for Korn's single "Evolution". On March 4, 2010 Jordison announced he will be touring with Rob Zombie during his Spring and Summer tours. Read more:
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