Bobby Blotzer
Country of Residence:
United States
Bobby Blotzer has been drumming professionally since his early youth. By 1984 he had joined RATT, signed their first record deal, and recorded “Out of the Cellar” which competed against blockbusters records such as Purple Rain, Like a Virgin, and Born in the USA to achieve top record of 1984.

Bobby’s debut album went on to sell six million units worldwide. During that time RATT began opening for legends such as Ozzy Osborne, and Billy Squire.

In 1985, Bobby recorded “Invasion of your Privacy” that went on to sell quadruple platinum. RATT toured for seven months with an up and coming band Bon Jovi as their opening act.

In 1986, Bobby recorded “Dancing Undercover” which went on to break several platinum records with a world tour that included opening bands such as Poison, Cheap Trick, and Queensryche.

In 1988, Bobby recorded “Reach for the Sky” which continued yet another multi-platinum blockbuster.

Additional Albums:

1988: The Essentials: Ratt 1990: Detonator 1992: Ratt & Roll – 81-91 1999: Ratt RATT has recorded six multi-platinum albums, a record only surpassed by close friends Mötley Crüe.

In addition to music, Bobby has raced for Dodge Motor Cars, and produced albums under his own record studio out of Houston Texas.

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