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  • Increased Sound, Volume & Projection
  • Warm Tone-Weather Resistant & Easy to Tune

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"We're takin' it to the next get the warm sound, and high end sound with a great look" - Karl Perazzo Percussionist with Santana Band "Most important for me in a conga head...sound, how they make my hands feel...and the graphics. How cool is that!" - Raul Rekow Percussionist with Santana Band

Drumhead Selection Chart

Refer to this guide to find the right Remo conga drumhead for your drum.
1. Find your drum model
2. Drum name
3. Crown size
4. Select your crimplock symmetry conga drumhead

Selecting Skyndeep® Graphic Drumheads
Add the three digits listed below to the end of the Skyndeep Model Number to indicate the graphic artwork.
003 Calf Skin Graphic
007 Tiger Stripe Graphic
008 Puerto Rican Flag Graphic

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Crimplock Symmetry Conga drumheads

With the help of the best percussionists in the world, Remo has improved the sound and feel of the drumheads providing the World's Top Players the tools they need to create their music. Remo's synthetic drumheads provide easy tunability, durability, and playability. Remo's new Crimplock Symmetry, Type 4 conga drumheads now fit more conga drum models from the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Traditionally, drums like the conga, bongos and djembes have drum heads made with animal skins. These have worked very well for many hundreds of years and are still used on many drums. With 50 years of drumhead technologies, Remo's Synthetic Drumheads for World Percussion instruments have proven to be a Sound Choice. With three film types to choose from, Remo will help you get the sound you're looking for.

Remo Advantage

Superior sound quality Enhanced sound projection Weather resistance Durable construction Easy maintenance & tuning Light touch easy on your hands Superior bass, open & slap tones

Rawhide Disadvantage

Inconsistency in sound quality Minimal projection Sensitive to moisture Prone to splitting Detunes losing pitch Heavy pounding hard on hands Muted tones

Film Features and Benefits

Remo has come up with an alternative choice. Each drumhead film invented by Remo, Inc. thru modern technologies has been developed specifically to create the unique sound qualities needed to give each drum and drumming style an enhanced added quality for today's music.

Visit our artist page to see and hear what the Worlds' Top drummers are saying about Remo's World Percussion Drumheads.


FIBERSKYN® 3 provides a superb, authentic drum sound for maximum projection, lively overtones, and slap tones that are easy on your hands. With superior construction, the low maintenance, weather resistant FIBERSKYN® 3 drumheads will enhance your drumming experience.


NUSKYN® sounds natural, warm, and full-bodied with enhanced low and mid-range frequencies, without any lingering high pitched overtones. Frequency analysis of NUSKYN® shows it closely resembles the performance of animal skin, while actually expanding the sound response spectrum dramatically.


SKYNDEEP® is the graphic infusion of pigment into a polyester surface making it uniquely attractive while maintaining the integrity of a great sounding drumhead. SKYNDEEP® is weather resistant, producing warm tones, increases sound volume and projection in any environment.

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