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Are drummers musicians?
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Poster Are drummers musicians?

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I am presently “only” a drummer, although I am gradually getting into tuned percussion too. I play in a British brass band, which I enjoy very much, overall. However, I do not like the prevailing silly attitudes towards drumming and drummers. Some brass players are so keen to play in bands with the drummer they deserve, i.e. no drummer whatsoever, that, despite a near-dearth of them locally, they spout about, for example, themselves being musicians while drummers are, well, mere drummers. The ones that are more sensible and keep quiet apparently do, however, regard drums as somehow an easy thing to master.

I have two points here: firstly, I do not agree that playing drums brings fewer or lesser challenges than other instruments in a brass band. Secondly, I believe that someone who has mastered drums as well as mallet-keyboard instruments (glock, vibes, xylo, etc.) is a multi-instrumentalist.

I am not going to expand on this too much at this stage, as I’d like other members to comment first, if that is OK. What I will say, though, no names, no packdrill, is that I have witnessed a good many percussionists that, unlike Poh Soon Teng (Mr Percussive on here) are not impressive, or even good drummers. I am sure that they read the charts better than I do, but can they swing, put down a groove and, overall, come over as at one with the instrument...? How good they are at the tuned side, I am not sure, as I am not yet up to anything like speed.

Has anyone any thoughts on this, please?

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