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My first real experience facilitating the HealthRHYTHMS protocol came just a week after the wonderful Valencia, CA training. A three hour block of time was scheduled for me to educate the staff and directors of our local Tehama Co. Mental Health Services, specifically the Youth Empowerment Services (YES) Center. They have received a grant for "Innovative Treatment" and have got the approval to use drumming to help consumers of the Mental Health Services with symptom reduction and pathways to wellness. A whole set of the Remo HealthRHYTHMS percussion instruments were purchased. So the event went like this:

First Hour: unpacking, and naming the various drums and percussion instruments. Brief historical background and a chance for them to "try it out". We discussed the different timbre of the instruments and which would be best used for therapy sessions vs large group community drum circles. We sorted by sound and size and had fun just "playing" while we learned what we have to work with for this program.

Second Hour: I ran the protocol. There were 10 participants. The director, staff, supervisors and 3 consumers. As part of the Introductions I asked how they would like to see music aid them with groups they work with, or even personally. That was informative. I added a cool thing to the "shaker pass", after we did that both ways and laughed and felt at ease, I asked them to hold and "Imaginary Shaker" and fill it with a special gift that they posses like a talent, or something they are proud of. We focused on it and then passed it around the circle like the shaker pass until it came back to us. I invited participants to share... POWERFUL! It ran very smoothly, but I could have spent more time with "Entrainment". I also found that for the smaller group, I needed a D'jembe to help them stay together. I started with a bass drum and it was a little to soft, I switched to the d'jembe and the group found the groove. The rest went as it should, and I found the closer having one person say one word to describe their experience very moving " excepted" "loved" "joyful" "excited" "peaceful" "hope". The metaphor for the the group always lead back to "We all have a special gift that we can share with our community". The feedback and evaluation sheets were all 5's on a scale with 5 the highest, the only request at the next session was more "group drumming". So that means I will extend the entrainment.

Third hour: I used the DVD and powerpoint that came with the Toolkit to introduce the brain and research connections. This worked very well because they had just experienced it themselves.

One of the therapist requested that I run the protocol with her private group of eating disorder patients in a few weeks. Any one out there who has metaphors or suggestions I would much appreciate it!
What a great supportive group!

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