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Idris Hester is a Professional HealthRHYTHMS Facilitator, Drummunicator. IDRIS has been educated by Dr. Barry Bittman Neurologist, author, international speaker, award winning producer, director and inventor, CEO and Medical Director of Mind-Body degrees in social work and music therapy, and the Wellness Center in Meadville, PA. He has pioneered a new paradigm for treating the “whole person.” He is the Primary/Principle investigator of the Human genome.
IDRIS is also educated by Christine Stevens, MT-BC, MSW, MA Board- certified music therapist. IDRIS created a Universal DRUMMUNICATION EXPERIENCE System. Were he educates, lectures, teaches, and trains, for Perfect health, Wellness & Healing, for Wholeness using Drums and Percussion, and Using the HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming Session Program protocol. (REMO Drums Corporation) He shows how group drumming has certainly survived the test of time, the scientific community is just beginning to develop a rudimentary understanding of the biological, psychological and sociological benefits of this multifaceted Recreational Music-making activity. A landmark controlled scientific investigation Bittman and colleagues, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, January 2001) demonstrated statistically significant positive cell-mediated immune system changes that correlated with one-hour group drumming sessions using the HealthRHYTHMS® group empowerment drumming protocol. This unique approach has been successfully utilized as a well-accepted, cost-effective strategy in a host of clinical outcome-based programs for individuals facing the challenges
IDRIS has experienced working at various institutions, and persons. (e. g. Religious Organizations, High Schools, Treatment Centers). One of the Treatment Facilities was Amity Amistad, Los Angeles, CA. as a Voluntary/Charitable, contribution to the Amistad Community, Diversity is one of the major assets to this process, it involves all races, creeds, colors, gender, religion or non-religion. Television appearances, CBS, NBC, PBS etc. IDRIS is a Alcohol/Substance abuse Counselor, Electrical/Civil Designer, Professional Percussionist, Practioner and Ministerial student in training, (AGAPE International Spiritual Center).
Regardless of prior musical experience, if you’re searching for meaning and purpose in your life through creative musical expression, this innovative IDRIS DRUMMUNICATION program is for you. While past participants include doctors, nurses, music therapists, psychologists, social workers, activities directors, drug & alcohol counselors and family therapists, we welcome non-health professionals who are willing to work collaboratively as team players with healthcare professionals. If you’re in the health and wellness fields, and wish to help people move beyond their perceived boundaries, this program is likely to be just what the doctor ordered!Please visit[/color]

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