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Poster Re:20x20 kick drum [Re:knightcrawler]

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If you like the sound, get it. Thatís why most of us get what we want is because we like it.

20x20ís can sound nice but the tuning has to be right. For me with my tuning abilities the deeper the drum the harder it is for me to tune. Once you find the sweet spot it will sound awesome, I really didnít like my 16x18 floor tom conversion to bass at first. Finding the right tuning combination was aggravating but as time went on it got better and now Iím afraid to touch it. A good friend (drummer) heard me play at one of my gigs and he remarked; that is one powerful little bass drum.

Size from front to back can be a problem on small stages. I also own a 16x22 bass and for about 4 years I played in an extremely crowded restaurant, the band members, in a nice way complained that I use too many drums. I would look around me and notice that the toms were not bothering anyone and everyone was crowding each other. After that gig played out and we moved on to bigger stage areas I started using the 16x18 bass and the toms are still the same plus they still take up the same area as before. One of the guys remarked that they really like the smaller bass because it takes up less spaceÖI giggled a little then told him; itís actually the same size from front to back and the toms are the same. LOL!! Remember a bass drum with a 20Ē depth is really about 22Ē to 23Ē long, edge to edge.

I feel that a 14x24 bass would get more comments from other band members, that itís too big for the stage than you will get from a 20x20. The only time I have a problem with size at my age is transportation and weight. For me 18Ē to 22Ē diameter is a major difference in storage area in my truck.

Youíre young and strong and if you like the size and sound; go for it and enjoy it, just know the limits.

BTW: If it has wing lug bolts I would recommend changing them to standard bolts. The wing style gets bumped and bent; the standard bolts are better protected. They donít look as nice but last almost forever, especially if you use a soft case, which also saves space and weight over a hard case.


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