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Hello everyone!
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Poster Hello everyone!

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Wow, it's been quite a while since I've visited here. I see that many of the usual suspects are still around and posting.

The reason for this post is rather bad news for me. Within the last week I've visited no less than 3 doctors, in and out of the hospital. I've had some tests done to find out why I lost feeling in my right fingers and right foot and leg. Both limbs have a numb tingling in them. It difficult to walk steady, and holding even small items is difficult. The doctors at the Er have diagnosed this as Peripheral Neuropathy. Further tests by my regular doctor shows that it probably is what they call Paresthesia, at least that the direction he's heading. I've already gone through a EMG test, and am scheduled for an MRI of my brain to see just what may have caused this.

Just to fill you in...For over a year I have been continuing to play drums with my band, and every night I have experienced stiffness in my hands and legs. I just kept playing because I wanted to honor the booked gigs, and to keep things cool with my band mates. I considered retiring way back then, but I was coaxed into playing on. I should have listened to my body. Now I have no choice but to give up playing, maybe for good it seems. This hurts me because I love to play. I sure don't love the work involved having to set up, tear down and drive for hours at times. I've hired a friend to help move my gear, but that meant a loss of money for me at the end of the gig.

I will still be involved in music somehow, but the drums sticks have to be laid down...doctors orders.

I just thought I'd share this bad news with you all seeing as I've been involved with this forum for many years. I have received much help and inspiration from many of you, and I have helped many younger people get involved and stay involved in music...through Remo Forums.

I should be fine in time, but I need to watch out for any further problems this may have caused.

Take care everyone!


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