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I sat in with a jazz trio a few years ago, and the drummer was using my current brand/model. They felt really good, so I asked where he got them, and have been using them ever since.

The sticks are essentially maple 5B's. I really like the sound they get from drums and cymbals both, especially snare drum and ride cymbal. Because my hands are larger than average, I like the relatively large diameter combined with lighter weight, but sound is the main thing for me.

I use the same sticks for everything, and keep 5-6 pair in my bag. If the manufacturer made nylon tip versions of my stick I'd probably buy some to use in some loud situations for extra definition on the ride, but like the sound of wood tips, and just quit using sticks when the tip gets soft.

Over the last 15 years I've played regularly with five or six different sticks, and experimented with many more (and have the box full of new and nearly new sticks to prove it), but these sound best of all I've tried. There's only one place in Dallas/Fort Worth that stocks my model, but they break open a brick when I come and let me weigh them with a digital scale, so the six pair in my bag now are all identical in weight, and will last several months. The drive across town twice a year is worth it.

For me, the sound of the stick on my snare drum is the main thing. I can get used to just about any weight/diameter, but if the stick doesn't sound right it won't work for me.

Using the same stick for everything means more comfort for me when switching between genres, and volume is easily controlled with technique.

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