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Posted by: SusyManning
Posted on: Mar 13, 2014 5:17 PM

My first experience was fun. I had friends come over, and since I don't have too many drums yet, I had a lot of percussion. BUT I did have 2 djembes and 2 frame drums, so we were okaySmile. I had 7 adults and 8 kids! The kids were from age 15 down to age 4. Quite a variety. The 15 yr old was really tired from her day at school, and only participated barely, but she was respectful. I really do think she was very tired.
I started off with having them choose an instrument, and then they all just started playing for a few minutes. Then I quieted them down, and told them about the training I had just received and a little bit about the research done on the benefits of drumming. Then I went over the ABC's of drumming, and jumped right into having them breathe, shake out their hands, and then went around and had them say their names and play their name of the drum. Everyone seemed to really enjoy this simple thing. From there, we started to just play by layering sounds, and started off with the Buffalo drum. Then we did that for awhile, it went well, and next I started to just "facilitate", which they enjoyed a lot. So did I Smile. I then had them close their eyes and attempted to do a "guided imagery", which went okaySmile. I was nervous , and I forgot to have them go around and say a "word", and also I'm not real comfortable yet with the imagery, BUT I think , now that I've had time to evaluate, that I could have made it easier for me, by just having them breathe in /out, and telling them to go to their "happy place", and then I could have played my NAF flute. Smile. Definitely, I heard good comments afterward, (not to me, which is even better), about "wow, I could go to sleep nowSmile, and "hey, this would be great for parties!" So anyway, I am excited to do this. I have advertised that I am getting ready to do this, and starting to collect drums.......Blessings to you all, and a HUGE thank you to Alyssa and Christine for being so awesome! A LIFE-CHANGING experience!

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Posted by: zeeshan
Posted on: Jan 4, 2015 9:56 AM

However, we still had very good rhythmic entrainment and some really nice inspirational beats though I wish I had time to let more people do it. In any case, for the first time out I felt really good about it and most people gave the session very high marks...woohoo! Great protocol, and thanks to Dr Bittman, Christine, and Remo for sharing it with us.
-Alex Spurkel (Universal Drum Circles)

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