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Posted by: Konsti
Posted on: Nov 28, 2012 7:50 PM

Hi everyone - I'm new to the Forum so I'm hoping someone can help me ...
I just ordered some new Fiberskyn 3 Bongo Heads for my "ageing" LP Fibreglass Bongos ...
I ordered the Medium Collar (M6-R715-F1 .. 7.15") and (M6-R850-F5 .. 8.50") thinking they would fit (WRONG) ...
The old Fiberskyn that I had on the 7.15 was M6-0715-F1 (but it was an old original Fiberskyn not Fiberskyn 3)
I'm happy to get the (M6-0715-F1 .. 7.15") and (M6-0850-F5 .. 8.50") but I just need to know if these WILL fit - the problem is that the head just won't fit over the shell and rest snugly up against the rim of the shell (as well as snugly in the hoop of the bongo)... I did notice that the previous head collar is almost double the length of the ones I purchased ... also, the metal hoop on the head is too thick on the inside of the head (that stops it from fitting on the shell)
Hopefully someone from REMO or someone who has possibly had this problem as well can advise me...
I presume that these (medium collar) heads will fit the NEW LP Bongos ..? - if they do then I might just hold onto them until I replace the old ones ..

Also, is it worth trying to find "Skyndeep" ones that will fit ..?

Thanks in advance for your help with this ..


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