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Posted by: Zeefour
Posted on: Mar 3, 2014 6:05 PM

I recently had to clean my drum kit from dust and bits of stick and when I clean my kit I tend to detune all heads and strip the kit down.

Upon retuning my drum heads using the idrumtech app, I always opt for maximum resonance from the toms. However I notice that although it sounds really good with protection ear buds*, I tend to find the bedroom I practice in, the toms sound a little bit rubbery and not as smooth as when my ear buds are in.

I know that room shapes can determine a great drum sound but generally i dont take my toms out to practice or gigs simply because of space in the transport department. Now that I have retuned my heads I would like to hear them against the rest of the band, however if I find them to be a little too much Id like to be able to retune them to a more "live friendly" tone. Any ideas?

Here are my drums and their respective frequency

12 x 10 Tom
Batter - Remo Black Suede Emperor (146.8Hz)
Reso - Remo Black Suede Ambassador (146.8Hz)
6 Lugs

13 x 11 Tom
Batter - Remo Black Suede Emperor (123.5Hz)
Reso - Remo Black Suede Ambassador (123.5Hz)
6 Lugs

The shells are basswood.

*When the ear buds are in, the volume of the drum kit is reduced and therefore sounds cleaner, I dont hear any room reflection or any unwanted overtones or excess resonance from bare walls and such. The ear buds clean up the overall sound, it almost replicates a mic'd up sound.

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Posted by: pwc
Posted on: Mar 3, 2014 7:44 PM

I think I would more concerned with the cause of "bits of stick" than with any fine tuning of a kit in a bedroom......

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Posted by: Zeefour
Posted on: Mar 4, 2014 2:23 AM

Well, what I mean by "Bits of stick" is actually from my old Thunder-rods which are quite old now and I used them for practice on the silencer pads, simply because they produced less drum noise like "booming" and cymbal crash compared to regular sticks. There were a lot of little shavings here and there.

Back to topic, I'm simply looking for a different tuning set up that allows for a better "live" sound, the reason I use idrumtech is simply because my ear for tuning isn't so great and after about 15 minutes my ears get tired I can't actually tell the differences in pitch unless completely off.

I can experiment in the mean time but hopefully a more experienced user than I can help out Big Smile

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Posted by: StillKicken
Posted on: Mar 16, 2014 5:38 PM

I use iDrun tech for tuning I also use Tune Bot. For now I'm tuning both heads to the same note/tone for maximum resonance because I use Fiberskyn on both sides for lower volumes. I don't use any ear devices and haven't noticed a rubber like sound.

You may want to try a slightly higher tone; it may brighten it up a little. I'm thinking a higher tone may cut a slight bit of resonance that may be enough to cut the rubber sound.

As a starting point from the Tune Bot calculator for my 14, 12 and 10 toms they recommend F, A, C starting from the 2nd octave. Check their web site calculator for your drum sizes and see what they may recommend.

Another thought is to hang a blanket on one of the walls. It want help much for volume but it will help to cleanup the sound in the room.

Just a thought,

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